JP Laurendeau is the sole proprietor of Broken Ground Productions – a recording, mixing and mastering studio based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Over the years, he’s developed an approach to writing and producing music that’s uniquely his own.

JP goes by the belief that there’s no substitute for real life experience and he’s made it his goal to immerse himself in every aspect of the industry.

In 2005, JP began forming what would later be known as Broken Ground Productions to help artists record and produce their own music. Most of his free time is spent studying every aspect of production and talking to industry professionals about new recording and mixing techniques. Whether he’s helping artists with lyrical content or melodies and harmonies, JP’s approach has worked well for both his studio and his clients.

Now in its second year, JP and Broken Ground have recorded and released five studio albums: Del Barber (Where The City Ends), Del Barber (Love songs For The Last 20), Fabian Davidson (Sense Of Purpose), Tyrants Demise (Self-Titled EP) and Broken Army (Self-Titled EP).

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